BBC News on the Kindle

I recently acquired a Kindle Paperwhite, and have found it to be a great device for my commute on the train to London. The ability to have a small library in such a portable form is great, and the new "paperwhite" display means that it's possible to read without eyestrain even when the ambient lighting on the trains is very poor. I can also email documents to it in various formats, using an email address that Amazon supply, allowing me to avoid carrying around large amounts of paper - instead I simply send those documents to my Kindle, and (subject to a wireless internet connection) a few minutes later they're on the device, ready to read.

However, when I started using Calibre to manage my ebooks, I discovered it was possible to use it to create ebooks from datasources such as RSS feeds. This is by way of user-contributed scripts (that Calibre calls "recipes") covering hundreds of different websites, including the BBC website. This meant that by installing Calibre on my home server and creatig some scripts that I can run from cron, it became possible for me to have an ebook of the days news automatically emailed to my Kindle in time for my commute to London.

Subject to the load on my network and server not becoming excessive, you should be able to download todays version of that ebook here. The easiest way to use it is to view this page on your Kindles experimental browser, and then click on that link, which will cause the ebook to be downloaded and installed, ready for you to read.